Trekking through Cinque Terre turbidites

Cinque Terre National Park, with its five charming villages clinging to steep rocky slopes along the edge of the turquoise-colored Ligurian Sea, is a wildly popular tourist destination. For example, here is the southernmost town of Riomaggiore. Below is a map of the five villages, with the protected park area in a darker green color. The Cinque Terre is located...
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Buried in turbidites—wild + wacky Tangier

With its strategic position at the entrance to the Mediterranean and gateway to Africa, Tangier has been a continually changing panoply of marauding groups who used the position to foray further and continue gaining power. Some have hung around to embrace the sea and light and easy-going lifestyle. In the historical period (centuries B.C.), so-called Berber tribes lived in small...
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