Perito Moreno glacier does its most spectacular show

Breaking News! Yesterday (4 March 2012) the ice dam that was connecting the Perito Moreno glacier to the peninsula in front of it burst and released all of the water that had been trapped behind it in an arm of Lago Argentina. Unfortunately, we were there about a month too early! But even those who were in the region were denied views and photos of the spectacular rupture, which occurred at 3:45 AM. The ice dam had begun to break up on Wednesday and visitors were excitedly awaiting the grand finale. On Saturday, ice falls accelerated, but it was not until everyone had been forced to leave the national park that the pressure of the rising water broke the arc of floating ice above. Only the stars and the wildlife were able to observe it. If you search the Internet, you’ll find photos (before and after but not of the fall itself) and explanations of the physics behind this event, which last occurred in 2008. No one knows when it will happen again—perhaps in 1 year, or perhaps in 4 or 5. It’s enough to keep the tourist hordes coming from around the world!

Here’s a link with good photos:

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