Our favorite critters and don’t forget that plants make fossils too

Almost a million penguins – even a geologist has to be impressed by the quantity, not to mention the silly antics, of these crazy flightless birds. We went to Punta Tombo where at least 250,000 mating pairs have made burrows in the sediment – they return each year to give birth and raise their young (called pichons) before they all return to the sea for some months of feeding and frolicking. The part on land looked difficult to us. They have to hike a long way to the beach to reach the sea and go fishing. But worse of all, they have these adolescent pichons who are constantly whining for food. Neither Anita or I have been parents, but we would not have put up with this behavior! Here is a poor Mom (or Dad?) putting up with the two kids relentlessly perusing their quest for food. Too bad I can’t include the video for sound effects.


We were amazed by penguins passing us on the path. One looked like it was going to lick Anita’s feet! We just stood still and let them do what they wanted. Another photo shows their determined march to and from the sea.



Finally, a classic pose with hundreds of nests and the sea in the background.



2 comments on “Our favorite critters and don’t forget that plants make fossils too

  1. Paul B says:

    Been there, done that, still there! Parenthood, that is. The little princesses still follow me around, but only when they need me to vomit up some pre-digested cash!

  2. Jolene Ness says:

    Love all the pics of the penguins! Thanks!!

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